Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mujhse Fraandship Karoge


Frankly, I don't expect much from a romantic film from  Aditya Chopra’s production, given their  impeccable track record of churning out run of the mill, clich├ęd, done to death, romantic movies by the dozens.  Don't ask then why I took the trouble of watching it: Mostly due to  lack of a better movie slotted at the given time I was present at the given multiplex.

This film sure falls in the same category, it is a love story against the backdrop of social networks, which the youth of our country (entire world) have taken to- like fish to pond. With folks now spending more time on the net than ever, folks are now increasingly dabbling  in virtual relationships, where hooks up are easy (as in ur profle pic is sexy; can i be ur fraaand plz??) and break ups painless-just block the fucker’s or the biatch’s id. The film begs to ask soul searching questions like: Are these online affairs as good as love affairs our forefathers had during the good old days- in the parks, under trees- as real as it gets. So deep, I know.

The basic plot of the movie where two couples who cant stand each other in person, but share this awesome chemistry online using alias id is reminiscent of the movie “You’ve got mail”. The writing is fresh, conversations are natural and funny; something the current generation  can easily identify with. The cinematography is fresh; costumes are cool –especially the Rahul's T-shirts; the characters are real. But the director couldn't handled the confrontational scene at all, it looked forced and limp. Also, I couldn't get around the logic of a girl or guy allowing her/his friend use her/his fb account- pretty much all the fucking time. And, it is the same fucking social networking site that brought these two people together, otherwise would have been hating each other forever. The climax part is nothing to write home about, except for the kiss: it was one big, never ending, ugly, fucking, vulgar kiss. Geez, Bollywood not only cant match Hollywood in graphics dept., now it appears, is playing catch up in the smooching department as well. Hopefully, Ra. One is going to put us on level with Hollywood in the graphics dept. As for smooching, the onus is clearly on Emraan Hashmi now.